360 feedback that makes a real impact

360 degree feedback is one of the most powerful developmental tools available. It is much more effective at shifting leadership behaviour, and therefore organisational culture, than conventional 'training'. 

This is because, when presented with high quality feedback, people are much more likely to move from awareness (that something needs to change), through to acceptance, and then to action. 

We offer a complete 'end to end' 360 degree feedback service designed to enable you to quickly and flexibly implement an online 360 degree feedback process from scratch.

Whether you want to provide 360 for one person or for everyone in your organisation, we can help you define the 360 questionnaire content, administer the process, produce individual reports and even deliver the feedback to recipients.

We have our own survey and reporting platform which gives us complete control over the content of your 360 degree feedback questionnaire and provides users with online access to their 360 data. 

3. 360 moves people to act

What am I going to start doing, stop doing, or do differently in specific terms? 

When? What 'practice opportunities' do I have in the near future?

How, and when will I review progress?

Who do I need support from?

GDPR compliant 360 questionnaire completion via any web-enabled device

Our 360 degree feedback platform drives real accountability for behaviour change

Our 360 degree feedback platform is unique as it allows users to:

  • continuously access to their 360 data.
  • play around with their data such as filtering by rater type etc. 
  • generate as many reports as they wish. 
  • define detailed action plans with dynamic reminders, deadlines and completion status.