360 Degree Feedback Culture change

How 360 degree feedback drives culture change

If you want to change your culture then you need to change the way your leaders behave.

How leaders behave defines the culture of your business – every thing they say and do, and how they say and do it, sets the tone for how things should be done. Everyone else in the organisation looks to your leaders and they model the way they do things.

However, changing behaviour is difficult to do, it takes lots of effort and commitment to change what can often be ingrained habits.

360 degree feedback is an extremely effective way to shift behaviour (and therefore culture) as it uses some of the fundamental psychology of behaviour change. People will only even consider changing they way they do things if:

  • they are aware of, and accept that, something needs to change – 360 degree feedback is a great way ‘ hold up the mirror’.  
  • they understand what to change in specific terms. We can only change one, two or three specific things at any one time – 360 degree feedback is a great way to identify those specifics.
  • they have a clear plan of action – a well facilitated 360 degree feedback session helps people define specific actions.