360 Degree Feedback

How to maximise the ROI from 360 degree feedback

The impact of 360 degree feedback can be limited if the process ends with the feedback. Our experience shows that after the feedback people can be left feeling “so what now?”.

There are three key ways we can help you ensure your 360 degree feedback process has maximum impact and doesn’t stall.

Identify Development Themes with Group Reports

Where you want to roll out 360 degree feedback to larger numbers of people we can provide you with a group report, which will highlight common strength and development needs. 

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Repeating the process is a great way to evaluate the impact of the 360 degree feedback process. Repeating the process increases individual accountability for making changes in behaviour and it provides a tangible measure of individual progress and the effectiveness of any development interventions. Imagine running 360 degree feedback at the start of a leadership programme and then repeating it at the end and seeing an improvement in some of the key behaviours. 

Action Planning

We can provide each 360 degree feedback recipient with access to their own online reporting dashboard where they can have continuous access to their 360 data. Our platform allows users to play around with their 360 data, create ad-hoc reports, but more importantly they can create action plans and run mini ‘polls’ to gather snapshots of feedback from their teams as frequently as they wish.