Use our 360 platform with your own clients

Our 360 feedback platform is perfect for independent consultants needing to run 360 degree feedback for their own clients.

As technology progresses dashboarding/analytics software is becoming the norm – it improves the speed of access to survey results and the quality of presentation of the data so we find that clients are increasingly demanding a better solution. 

Our platform will enable you to deploy tailored 360 degree feedback questionnaires for your clients, but the real value we can add is not in the deployment of the questionnaire, but how the data is presented.

Our platform has a dedicated online reporting dashboard that not only looks great, but is designed to improve the feedback and development action planning process. 

Feedback and Reporting Options

Our platform enables users to produce an individual 360 degree feedback report for each feedback recipient, which can created and sent to recipients in the traditional way when facilitating the feedback session. Either we can do this for you (bit of cost), you can do it yourself (less cost), or you might choose not to create reports at all (no cost).

Our platform enables feedback recipients to have online access to their own 360 degree feedback data. We obviously manage how access is setup, but you can use the platform to facilitate the feedback session online. The functionality within the user’s dashboard means you can dynamically slice and dice the data and guide them through how their own ratings compare to their other raters etc. This makes the process much more engaging and is perfect for delivering remotely via video conferencing.

Your clients will probably be interested to see if there are any common strengths/development needs across their population, especially if you are using 360 degree feedback to support a leadership development programme.

Our platform makes it easy to aggregate 360 data and we can provide your end clients with access to the platform so you can walk them through the data and produce reports for them.

Group Reporting

Action Planning

We all know deep down that most people ‘file’ away their report after the feedback sessions has finished. This is where our platform can add value.

Our platform has comprehensive action planning functionality built in. Users can define actions as frequently as they want, set reminder dates and deadlines and update completion status.

What gets measured gets done

One of the main ways 360 degree feedback can drive real behaviour change is by repeating the process.

Our platform makes it simple to compare 360 questionnaire results over time.


Firstly, we’re not looking for re-sellers. We know that to commit to up front licensing costs and/or feel like you have to sell the product on to earn a commission is not for most people. We aim for our platform to simply be a cost-effective and straightforward way for you to provide a more sophisticated survey solution to your clients.

With regard to cost, it’s difficult to state a single figure as there are a few things that impact cost, but our aim will always be to work with you to define a budget that works for you, and for your clients.

The key things that impact costs are: 

  • There is a setup and administration component to the cost, which is the time it takes to talk through the approach, create and administer your 360 questionnaire(s) for you.  
  • There is a reporting cost. Our dashboard actually enables you to produce your own reports, but we can also do that for you.
  • Should you want to use our reporting dashboard there is a licence cost for that. We can either do this on a per survey basis or an annual licence basis depending on your anticipated need. The licence includes hosting, security and support.  

There are a number of ways we can make it work so the best thing to do is get in touch and we’ll talk it through….