Frequently asked questions

Below are just some of the main questions we get asked about 360 degree feedback. The answers are based on our experience, but we always tailor what we do to suit you. So, if there is something not listed below, or you would like to see how it could be done differently, feel free to get in touch.

How should we position the 360 degree feedback process?

We often hear people say they have previously ‘had a bad experience of 360’ and this is often down to misjudgement around positioning the 360 degree feedback process… more

What should 360 degree feedback measure?

The power of 360 degree feedback is in promoting behaviour change through high quality feedback. Effective 360 degree feedback should focus on ‘doing’ not ‘being’ – we are trying to help people understand what they could do differently in order to be more effective, not change who they are as a person……read more

Defining your 360 degree feedback questions

There are two main types of questions which work best for 360 degree feedback…read more

What’s the best rating scale to use for 360 degree feedback?

Most 360 degree feedback questionnaires use a Likert type rating scale. Likert scales ask people to rate how they feel about something on a multi-point scale… more

Who do we invite to give 360 degree feedback?

There are actually two further questions here – how do we choose our 360 degree feedback raters in the first place? And, how many people should we ask to give 360 degree feedback?… more

How long should we give people to complete the questionnaire?

Nowadays everyone is busy so deciding how long to leave the 360 degree feedback questionnaire open for needs consideration….read more

When should people see their 360 degree feedback results?

We advise that the first time the person sees their 360 degree feedback results is at the feedback session itself… more

Who should deliver the 360 degree feedback?

Think back to times when you have received feedback. Some of them might have been constructive, but we often find that feedback is not often delivered as constructively as it could be….read more

How do we ensure people do something with their 360 degree feedback?

The ultimate aim of 360 degree feedback is to encourage people to change behaviour – the way they do things… more

Can we see 360 results for a group of people?

Group 360 degree feedback reports can be really useful to see where relative strengths and development needs are….read more

Will 360 degree feedback help with underperformance?

360 degree feedback is one of the most powerful ways to encourage people to change behaviour. Where people change they way they do things then they will ultimately become more effective… more