How long should we give people to complete the 360 degree feedback questionnaire?

Nowadays everyone is busy so deciding how long to leave the 360 degree feedback questionnaire open for needs consideration.

There are a few things to consider when answering this question. The time of year can have an impact. For example, during holiday periods you might decide to give people more time. Depending on your business there may be times of the year where more time would be required, e.g., around Christmas in the retail or hospitality industries. Also, some raters may be asked to complete 360 degree feedback questionnaire for multiple people so they will appreciate having a bit longer to complete them.

One thing we do find is that giving people too much time can actually cause as many issues as not giving people enough time. We actually find that the shorter the deadline, the quicker people tend to complete the 360 degree feedback questionnaire!

As such, we normally agree with our clients that giving people two weeks to complete their 360 degree feedback questionnaires tends to be a good balance.