What should 360 degree feedback measure?

The power of 360 degree feedback is in promoting behaviour change through high quality feedback. Effective 360 degree feedback should focus on ‘doing’ not ‘being’ – we are trying to help people understand what they could do differently in order to be more effective, not change who they are as a person.

As such, 360 degree feedback is most effective when the questions ask raters to provide an indication of how much they observe specific behaviours.

The start point is to consider the broad areas that you want to give feedback on and then elaborate on that by considering what someone who does each thing really well actually does in practice. Conversely it might be useful to consider what someone who you do not consider to be strong in each area does, or doesn’t do. 

We have lots of experience of doing this when defining competency models for our clients. We will work with you to define these things and translate your thoughts into good quality questions. We also have our own question library that we can share with you to get things started.