What’s the best rating scale to use for 360 degree feedback?

There are lots of views on what’s the best rating scale to use for 360 degree feedback.

Most 360 degree feedback questionnaires use a Likert type rating scale. Likert scales ask people to rate how they feel about something on a multi-point scale.

There is lots of research on the pros and cons of Likert scales. (Read more here if you want to get into it). However, for the purposes of 360 we think it should be kept simple!

There are two main types of rating scale to consider when it comes to 360 degree feedback. One approach asks how good someone is. The other approach asks how often someone demonstrates specific behaviours.

When it comes to an individual’s performance (how good someone is) we think it is really only the manager who has the ability, and the right, to do that.

As such, we advise using scales that ask how much the individual demonstrates the behaviours in the 360.

How many response options should our scale contain?

Again there is loads of research on the ideal number of response options to use, but we find that a 5-point rating scale works best in practice.

So which rating scale do we recommend?

In practice we find that this scale works best.

what's the best rating scale to use for 360 degree feedback